Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Paul Kagame's Top Propagandist Sets up a Gigolo Agency

Last week we were informed by our Peeping Tom of how Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame left the family house after midnight dressed in a short dress and with a big bag. Our Paparazzo also confirmed the unusual changing of cars in the notorious Biryogo area during the wee ours of the morning.

Now we know where she was, and what she was up too;Cyooooooooo, old habits don’t die that quickly-she has never left the game. Those who understand the industry you know what  we mean…
Apparently, a hotel room has been turned into a working office that specialises in the old Amsterdam trade of Gigolo(utugabo twicyuruza) hospitality.
As always, our Paparazzo used his skills and planted a hidden camera in the hotel room. After three days, he checked the footage, and Bingo..he had hit a jackpot.
All along, Tomas Ndahiro was on something big…cheeky fat boy!
We weren’t that surprised as five years ago, he had met with Nyiramongi in a foreign country and they were very cosy together, and behaving like Pimp and whore, in a public park.

Yes, we do have all the photos and we shall publish them. At least, its the bit of our Umuganda twatanga.
However, this time he has become so cheeky -that he is now pimping in someone else’s territory,nyakubahwa Pilato.
Now, many of you can understand why he has been silent of late-yasanze indaya Kamere Iyatumariye amafaranga yacyu. Bagakubitwa N’inkuba!
According to the audio we picked from Tomas Ndahiro’s Gigolo agency, it seems he has other big plans for Nyiramongi.
Apparently, Tomas Ndahiro told Nyiramongi that he has contacts with a south African Magazine called Izimboro ,and with her baby face, the Zimboro magazine will sell more copies within a short-time, making them a fortune.
Just like you and Us, we’ve never heard of Izimboro . Ariko Abanyarwanda muzi Ukubesha!!
Like a typical greedy semi-illiterate, she believed the fat boy and begun spreading her fat legs and buttocks on the table as if she was possessed .
Very pathetic, how could someone who claims to be a better Munyarwanda than the rest of us, so desperately degrade herself,  because she wants to appear in Izimboro magazine??

To our shock, Nyiramongi had no knickers on-we decided to keep those photos for future use.
Who is Tomas Ndahiro: Tomas Ndahiro is  a Rwandan  nasty propagandist paid well by the Kagame junta to shut down Congolese voices and Rwanda opposition groups. He does not only stop there, but also goes for any Activist that dare question Criminal Paul Kagame's criminality. His a nasty piece of work that  can be comparable to Nazi's  Goebbels
Next-time we shall feature more photos as we wanted you to know that we are working and we shall never stop till all Political Prisoners are free. Let us work on the first demand before making others.

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