Monday, 16 December 2013

How Paul Kagame was Ordered Not to Attend Nelson Mandela’s Funeral

Those of you that think know what goes in Rwanda- especially Kagame’s worshipers, you know nothing. In reality, the real Head of state of Rwanda is Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame  and Paul Kagame is the Executioner and Front-man. Not only is she the richest African first lady, but She oversees, coordinates illicit trade networks around Africa. She has amassed wealth through crooks and proxies so she can evade public scrutiny-to the extent that  all Rwanda juicy out-lets are filled with her cronies.
The Woman is so powerful that; she Makes,Grabs,Appoints,Humiliates,etc. We shall discuss her next-time in detail. Being a semi-literate greedy bitch, with hunger for money and attention, the funeral of Nelson Mandela was insignificant to her as there was no money making opportunity involved. According to our Peeping Tom; Nyiramongi tossed her cellular phone on the wall when someone called and asked if she was leaving for South Africa to attend Nelson Mandela’s funeral.
The rage could be seen in her eyes-she left the living room a very angry woman talking in primitive tongues(language used by witches) and went straight to Kagame’s (bedroom) as they have separate rooms. Reason for that arrangement is due to Paul Kagame’s sleepless nightmares that make him scream while sleeping. To her disappointment, the room was locked  and the key was with Kagame.She turned and gave Kagame a wonky glance, he then rushed and opened the room.
Our peeping Tom could see him kneeling and begging…and saying that ” if I go to south Africa, those nasty Congolese might stone me to death. But I will order Rwandan flags to be lowered half-mast from today through Sunday, the day when they bury him.”
Then to our peeping Tom’s amusement, Nyiramongi burst into laughter…..Kagame also begun giggling! However, Nyiramongi is so unpredictable,after watching TV and seeing all the glamour going on… , overnight she could change her mind and decide they fly to South Africa disguised as sheikhs.
The Combatants will be on standby waiting for Pilato

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