Monday, 16 December 2013

Paul Kagame’s YoYo Economy, Part 1

The Rwanda government has fraudulently portrayed itself as a very successful and prosperous economic hub in Africa-thus, it markets itself shamelessly as the Singapore of Africa. To be frank to people, Rwanda so called economic prosperity is a big sham. What we have in place is Kagame’s personal enterprise-Crystal Ventures, that controls assets worth more than $900 million inside Rwanda.
The enterprise owns a construction and road-building company, granite and tile factories, a furniture company, a chain of upmarket coffee shops (in Kigali, Boston, London, Washington and New York), a real estate developer and an agro-processing venture, radio stations,Rwanda TV,News Papers,Air Rwanda,Hotels,Night clubs, Tour operators,Defence tenders,Mobile phone operation,smuggling rings,pharmaceutical shops,etc.
The more genuine and open you’re about you’re economy and assets, the more likely for your policies to be taken serious, as genuine investors will be attracted to your market. But not in the case of Rwanda, as their economic policies are like a Yo Yo bouncing in air forth and back aimlessly .
In a genuine free market economy, individuals collectively prosper and contribute value back to enable others also prosper. But this’s not the case in Yo Yo Rwanda, as your wealth will be confiscated using dubious means.i.e. if you’re an absent proprietor, Paul Kagame’s enterprise-Crystal Ventures, automatically confiscates your property.
The Kagame Junta hates successful Banyarwanda that believe in a free market economy.Thus, they’re parasites that feed on the hard-work of individuals and families. The problem with Kagame, is his addiction to free things-after realising that the tap for Congo’s minerals,timber,etc. was about to shut down, he started confiscating people’s property in Rwanda.
The Junta recent formed a YoYo movement, called Agacyiro fund with the objective of milking hard-earned savings from pensioners and children pocket money.Thus,the incompetence of a murderous thieving  government, was shifted onto individuals and their families.
The one thing that Paul Kagame’s YoYo has gone mute on, is the hyped junk bonds that were sold for 400 million($)10-year bonds at an annual yield of just 6.875 percent and a bid to cover a ratio of nearly 10.
The reason for this selfish act by the Rwanda YoYos, we are told is to use the money raised from the bond issuance to repay some existing bank loans. Unless your’re naive, the sole beneficially of the sell of the Bonds is Jeannet Nyiramongi Kagame, the dictators wife.
Why the whole thing stinks, is the refusal to borrow enough ($500 million) to have Rwanda’s National debt included in JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s index of dollar-denominated emerging market bonds, which could have led to lower borrowing costs.
In spite of Kagame’s arse worshipers coning the world that Rwanda has one of the first rapid economic growth in the world, the country remains very….very poor-more than half of the population leaves below the poverty line, while 90 percent of the workforce is engaged in what is mostly subsistence agriculture, with no freedom to practice traditional farming such as, planting their choice of food crops.
As a result, the country is heavily dependent on foreign aid, which covers about 10 percent of gross domestic product. This income stream isn’t dependable. Last year, several Western donors withheld promised aid because of concerns that the regime was supporting M23 rebels in the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo.
Since the Rwandan franc has been declining against the U.S. dollar for years, the real burden of the dollar debt could rise far faster than Rwanda’s capacity to service it. At any point in time, lenders could panic about Rwanda’s ability to pay and pull their money out.That in turn could strangle business investment and consumer spending, plunging the economy into depression, of which signs are already very visible.
The biggest problem for all this,Rwanda is borrowing in a currency it cannot print. Thus, it has bought a car it can’t afford to fuel-typical bush mentality.
The Rwanda Mafia is always bragging of how reliant they’re and don’t need any support from anyone, but as a typical YoYo in confusion- they are now turning to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to secure advice from the Fund without necessarily borrowing but still incurring fees for seeking phony advice($2000 per hour). Now, this is very pathetic to the extent that they’ve reached a level of going around the world begging other people to think for them. Typical signs of a failed state.
What happened to all those big mouthed Chimpanzees that are always spewing nonsense on the YoYo Propaganda platform, Rwanda Times, Where is their Muganda?
When I contacted IMF-anyone can contact them, they categorically made it clear that Rwanda has a narrow export base and weak infrastructure to attract serious investors, basically they’re pretenders with nothing.

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