Sunday, 12 January 2014

Why Paul Kagame is Dead

Our Peeping Tom has confirmed that in the last four days, the international community has been dealing with Dictator Paul Kagame’s double-call it impersonator.Its believed that two women and four Men-if you want you can use the term Gang of Six are the ones running Rwanda and making all important decisions. That’s why Paul Kagame’s double, has been kept away from live functions , as Banyarwanda will discover the truth.
Yes, its very true Paul Kagame is half dead -the medical word normally used is coma.What we confirm is that the criminal indefinite sleep was caused by internal bleeding from a bullet.

However, its very likely that he might wake-up again as last night he woke-up and asked Niko Wapi(where am I?) and he again fell back into a deeper comma. It could be that his condition is better, but the Gang of Six keeps injecting him with more drugs to continue to keep him in a cabbage state.
The Rwanda Department of Military intelligence, posted a Tweet claiming that he was dead-thus the purpose was to gauge the reaction in Rwanda, but Banyarwanda being sharp, Bitonze(kept calm) as they would  have been mercilessly slaughtered while celebrating the death of a Dictator,by RPF extremists. We appeal to all Banyarwanda to wait till  the Dictator is properly dead.
We hope Criminal Paul Kagame gets better as we need him to face justice for all the horrific crimes he has committed in Rwanda,Congo,South Africa,Kenya,Uganda,etc. Justice and not a dead criminal,is what we wish….
We shall keep you updated.
The People Rehearsal Criminal Paul Kagame’s Funeral

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